Join a Committee

The best way to take full advantage of your membership is to get more involved in our Tampa Bay chapter and we can provide various ways to do that. Below is a list of our ongoing volunteer opportunities along with the committee contact so you can get in touch and jump right in! 

volunteer opportunities

Programs Committee

Led by Michelle Casale with Clark Construction Group, the programs committee is responsible for planning and developing our industry, client-focused events. SMPS Tampa Bay is recognized for our annual Healthcare breakfast which is going into its 11th year and attracts over 200 attendees. The chapter is also well known for its annual transportation breakfast which is one of the top attended events of its kind in the area. 

Additionally, education-focused workshops and programs are organized through this committee. The CPSM training classes also falls under the leadership of the education committee. 

Membership Committee 

Led by Katie Batill-Bigler with Patel Greene & Associates, the membership committee is focused on ensuring members gain the most from their membership and maximize their return on investment as well as help increase chapter membership through recruitment programs .

Communications Committee

Led by Michelle L'Italien with Kisinger Campo & Associates, the communications committee is responsible for communicating chapter events, business and announcements to our membership and general public. This committee manages the website, social media, public relations, chapter graphics and much more!