Lights, Camera, Action: Vision Becomes Reality

By Nikki Devereux, Pinstripe Marketing

Navigate Success: Learn, Connect, Grow. It was simple, catchy and defined the goals of SMPS Tampa Bay – the perfect campaign message to help further our mission. We had a great visual mark developed by the initial image campaign committee, now it was time for our graphics task force to help put it in action. Myself, Averie Crawford of RS&H, and Michelle L’Italien of GPI Southeast became the stewards for the completion of the graphics campaign.

Our graphics task force was formed to hash out the templates and materials needed to promote the campaign and emphasize the identity of SMPS Tampa Bay. During our first meeting, our brainstorming led us to create three icons to symbolize and serve as graphic identities for the ”learn, connect, grow” message, complementary to our campaign mark. These three icons each have their own colors, which of course were chosen from the SMPS national corporate identity manual. The colors further define and differentiate each part of our mission. 

The next step involved creating a set of three vertical banners for display at conferences and events. These were the first pieces of collateral to sport our new iconography and the future visual cornerstone of the chapter’s image. We presented our ideas to the board and there were no objections – they loved the designs! After a few tweaks, the banners were sent to the printers to become reality.

We then started to explore other applications, such as sponsor boards, program templates, nametags and more. Image guidelines for how the campaign mark and visuals should be applied to other materials, in conjunction with the SMPS brand guidelines, were also developed.

This graphics journey has been enjoyable for all of us – the brainstorming sessions, the creativity, and the bonding. It was also a great deal of hard work for a lot of people. It is the kind of work that you can see, that you can touch.

When the vertical banners arrived, we were even more impressed and invigorated. Printed pieces look so different in real life than they do on the screen. The hardest part of all was about to happen, introducing the image to members and the community at large. It was such an honor to unveil them at the 2016 Transportation Supersession in September. Our board and members at events have been thrilled with them – everyone had put ideas, time, and creativity into the final pieces, so it was a proud moment when we see our work in action and a positive response from it.

These are the moments that marketers cherish – the moments when our work becomes tangible, a display for the rest of the world to behold.

Nikki Devereux is a project manager at Pinstripe Marketing, a full service marketing agency specializing in website design and development, logo design, video and photography, public relations, print design, and digital advertising for A/E/C firms. Nikki also serves as director of communications on the SMPS Tampa Bay Board of Directors.

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