Importance of CPSM Certification Part II

By Natalie Rodriguez, Core States Group

Having your CPSM opens the doors to many more educational opportunities. You’re not done learning after you get certified... you continue to feed your brain. So get ready to get smarter!

In order to maintain your CPSM certification, you need to obtain 50 CEUs within 3 years after you receive certification. There are a variety of ways to achieve these. There are webinars offered at a discounted rate for SMPS members on the website that offer CEUs upon completion but also there are archived webinars on the same site that are free, last about an hour each, and offer about 1.5 CEU per course. This is the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to achieve your CEUs. Also, if you like to speak or teach, you can achieve more CEUs per hour—at 1 per hour.

Archived webinars are an efficient way to maintain your CPSM because if you’re like me and travel, you could watch webinars on the plane or in your hotel room. I try to watch one or two on the weekend or during my lunch break during the week, too. If you watched one every weekend for a year, you’d reach your goal of 50 CEUs–two years early!

These webinars offered are of a wide variety—from photography and graphic design to business practices to marketing research. They have helped me learn about what other firms are doing in the industry and about what consultants are available that you can partner with to elevate your firm to the next level.

There are many things I don’t get to practice at my firm like market research that the webinars have helped me to understand. What if I moved to a different firm where market research was a part of my responsibilities? Now I’m learned-up and ready.

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