Importance of CPSM Certification

By Natalie Rodriguez at Core States Group

If you want to distinguish yourself in the industry, CPSM Certification is the way to go–it sets you apart from other marketers in the AEC industry. There are two things you’ll get right away that you’ll be thankful for in the long run–recognition and confidence.

One small gesture by SMPS made a huge difference when I achieved my certification. Upon receiving CPSM, a letter from SMPS Headquarters can be sent to whoever you specify at your firm, announcing your certification. I had indicated to SMPS to send it to my firm’s CEO, President, and my supervisor. As I’m with a firm of 350 employees across the country, it’s hard for everyone to know me. But that letter from SMPS to my firm’s leadership really made an impact. Shortly after it was received, a company-wide email was sent from our Human Resources team recognizing me. It led to many other congratulatory emails from fellow employees––some whom I’ve never spoken to.

My SMPS chapter gave me recognition, too. This led to many messages on LinkedIn­ from both recruiters and people in my network –attention I’ve never received before. Not only did I feel more connected to the industry, it just felt really good to have accolades.

You never know when you’ll need the certification. Changes were made to my company’s structure when I received my CPSM and I gained a new supervisor, hired from outside the company. She happens to be t­he recipient of SMPS’ 2018 Weld-Coxe Marketing Achievement Award­–SMPS’ highest honor. Needless to say I was relieved to have my certification and meeting her was not-so-scary. My new supervisor, the founder of SMPS Fellows Forum said my achievement meant that I ‘know what it takes to elevate the company to the next level’. This gave me confidence and strength to continue to build my leadership capabilities at my firm.

Aside from recognition you’ll receive, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge, having studied for your CPSM testing. For instance, I’ve only worked for two firms as a marketer, so I didn’t know how many other firms operate. The study material provides valuable information on how to position your firm–it’s written by AEC marketers from around the country who have contributed to the growth of their firms. You want to know how to grow your firm, right?

They say that ‘nothing worth having comes easy’ and in this case that is definitely true. While the preparation for CPSM includes rigorous study, it is well worth it. I have amplified my professional network, my confidence, my relevance, and my knowledge.

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For more information on the benefits of earning your CPSM certification, watch this video.


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