Introducing the SMPS Tampa Bay Podcast: Real Advice to Help You Develop Your AEC Marketing Career

Marketing in the AEC industry is a demanding yet rewarding career that is not short of challenges. Competing deadlines, long hours, last minute changes, confusing RFPs, forms upon forms…and of course, so much is at stake. Big contracts, important clients—at times, it all seems to come down to you.

Have you ever laid awake at night wondering if you did in fact put the wet signature in the “Original” copy of the proposal you just submitted?

How about crying under your desk at 3am when it feels like the report you’re working on will just never get done?

Do you find yourself having to defend your color and font styles because even though it adheres to your brand, your project manager “just doesn’t like it”?

Do you sometimes just feel like a total failure?

Well, Michelle Casale is here to tell you: You are not alone!

On October 27th, SMPS Tampa Bay will be launching its first ever podcast, hosted by our very own Membership Director, Michelle Casale. The idea was born out of a desire to give back to our SMPS membership and provide an avenue for members to connect and get real advice, especially during these times when traditional networking has become so limited.

Michelle started her AEC marketing journey over 15 years ago and knows firsthand just how tough it can be and how important it is to find people you can relate to. The network offered through SMPS has been the biggest benefit she’s seen in her career, and she wants to make sure members realize just how strong it is and use it to its full capacity.

From junior marketing coordinators to senior business development directors, this podcast will provide all the tips and tricks that nobody tells you about. Michelle will bring on guests who have worked in the industry and are ready to share their stories, both good and bad. No boilerplate content here—you’ll hear from experienced people who understand the work and all that goes into it, providing real world situations and how they were overcame.

Education will be another important aspect of the podcast. Some episodes will feature firm owners to provide insight on why they do certain things, such as that weird RFP requirement that seems to make no sense to you. Other episodes will run as a series to answer those questions that you may not feel comfortable asking, like how are you really supposed to fill out an SF 330? Though the episodes are currently being taped in advance, the goal is to eventually go live so we can potentially open up for some real-time Q&A. So, get your questions ready!

It’s easy to feel alone in our world of AEC marketing. Tune in to our first podcast, live October 27th, for some unfiltered, real talk about the AEC industry and learn how you can connect with the huge network of people who are willing and wanting to help you through it. The podcast will be posted on our SMPS website and all social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

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