A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

By Jennifer L. Stutts, CPSM, RS&H

In our last post, we shared how we began to put the pieces of our research together – getting closer and closer to our campaign theme, and one that delivered and strengthened our three core messages: learn, connect and grow.

Remember, 65% of the population are primarily visual learners. We needed a creative and compelling visual identifier, or campaign mark, to communicate our message.

So what makes for a good campaign mark? Three core elements:

  1. It needed to be unique.

Our campaign mark needed to represent SMPS Tampa Bay and our campaign theme. What makes us special in the Tampa Bay architecture, engineering and construction (A / E/ C) sector? 

  1. It needed to be meaningful.

Our campaign mark needed to communicate the benefits of SMPS Tampa Bay that our members valued most. And it needed to do so in a way that was in support of our national and local SMPS brand.

  1. It needed to be versatile.

Of course, we needed a mark that could work across a variety of media and applications. It needed to be simple, yet still convey our message in a powerful, memorable way.

Easy enough, right? We let our creative juices flow. This was the fun part. Here’s a look at the various stages of our mark development: 

We looked around us for inspiration. The Tampa Bay region is surrounded by water. It made sense to incorporate this unique regional element.

We developed an initial concept, landing on a ship’s helm to help communicate SMPS Tampa Bay’s leadership in providing a place for members of the A/E/C community to navigate continuing education opportunities, networking opportunities, and career advancement resources – to learn, connect and grow.


So we explored some more…

 And more….


 And as we looked at our national and local brand, we finally began to find a groove.

We kept refining our concept until we landed on a campaign mark that felt just right:

And there you have it folks – the primary visual for our campaign, “Navigate Success: Learn, Connect, Grow.”

We have the words, we have the visual, the next blog posts discusses how these elements were used to create a comprehensive image campaign.

Jennifer L. Stutts, CPSM, is the Director of Marketing, Communications & Strategy at RS&H. She’s a seasoned marketer with 12 years of experience in the areas of corporate communications strategy, branding, media relations, integrated marketing communications, and management.

Jennifer has also served on the SMPS Tampa Bay Board since 2008 in a variety of positions, including two terms as President.  

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