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Are you a member of SMPS Tampa Bay? Do you ever wonder how you can maximize your membership benefits? Do you have ideas on ways to improve the chapter and our programs? Connect, learn and grow by volunteering on the 2019-2020 chapter Board of Directors or on one of the many different committees. This is your opportunity to make a difference to SMPS Tampa Bay and the local A/E/C community. Gain maximum exposure in the local build community while making a difference in your own personal career advancement. Learn the values that make a difference in career leadership and increase your connections. There are many positions available that will give you the opportunity to help guide SMPS Tampa Bay as we strive to connect, learn and grow as individuals, members and as a community.

Nominations begin March 1. If you have any questions or would like to know more about this please contact Jennifer Nix-McGerald, CPSM

Open Positions


The President-Elect stands ready to fill-in for the president in their absence. They assist the President in overseeing the board and serves as an additional resource for all positions and committees. This position is assigned to be the pre-determined President in the next fiscal term.


The Secretary serves as the recorder for the chapter and ensures minutes are taken, recorded, and distributed. The treasurer report, membership report and agendas must be distributed in a timely manner. The Secretary is responsible for the chapter’s bylaws and serves on the Executive Committee of the chapter. The Secretary is also responsible to assisting with record transition from year to year to ensure chapter archives are maintained.


The Director of Programs is responsible for all programs scheduled during the fiscal term and will provide general oversight of program planning and execution throughout the year. He/she will plan, host and encourage membership attendance at a Program Planning session prior to the start of the term to develop the annual schedule, and recruit program coordinator volunteers for the specific programs.


Multiple coordinators to assist with the planning and execution of a specific program(s) during this term. This person is encouraged to attend the Annual Program Planning Session to assist with the planning of our annual agenda and select a specific program(s) they would like to help the Director of Programs coordinate.


Prior to the start of the new fiscal term, the Sponsorship Chair will begin the recruitment of annual and program sponsors. This person will actively recruit, then invoice potential sponsors. Following these commitments, this person will work with our Director of Communications to ensure all chapter obligations are upheld for the sponsorship benefits promised. This person will actively continue their recruitment throughout the year for specific programs, assistance with sponsorship recruitment for special events, etc. The goal of the Sponsorship Committee is to raise funds necessary to pay for the events and programs of the chapter. This position reports to the Director of Programs.


The Director of Membership is charged with maintaining current membership statistics, serves as the SMPS member contact on all issues related to membership, and is responsible for increasing the chapter membership. This person will organize our chapter’s annual membership drive (and social event), and report membership statistics to the chapter board on a monthly basis. The goal of the Membership Committee is to grow membership and to maintain membership through retention programs. This committee strives to increase chapter membership and its diversity, and increase opportunities for member involvement.

Work with Director of Membership to plan social/networking events such as the member appreciation events, breakfast/luncheon events and after-work networking events.

The CAP Chair will continuously monitor and update all “job bank postings” on our chapter website throughout the year. A log will be maintained and monthly contact made to ensure only open, active positions are listed. This person will also collect any interested resumes/job seeker contact information to continuously update of new openings advertised through the chapter. This position reports to the Director of Membership.


For the 2018/2019 – 2019/2020 board years, this position will work with all board members to coordinate efforts for the chapter’s 20th anniversary, acknowledged March 2019 through March 2020.


The Director of Education is responsible for planning and organizing educational events for the chapter. The goal of the Education/Programs Committee is to increase professional knowledge and skills of members. These events are to be planned at the Program Planning session hosted by the Director of Programs (see description above) to develop monthly or bi-monthly educational programs for the new fiscal year. The Director of Education will manage the planning of these Education programs throughout the year, and attend all as well. This person is responsible for organizing the chapter’s hosting of all SMPS National Webinars locally for our members.


The CPSM Chair will plan and execute our strategy for the recruitment and assistance in studying for members interested in acquiring their CPSM Certification. This program will include a recruitment event to educate our members on the program and benefit of certification, and will continue throughout the year with the organization and execution of study group sessions, and test planning. This position reports to the Director of Education.


The Director of Communications will manage the regular maintenance of our chapter website, as well as our electronic member and prospect mailing list, create and email chapter email notifications, and the development and creation of a quarterly chapter newsletter. This person will also assist the chapter with public relations efforts.


Assist the Director of Communications in communication efforts to the chapter. Maintain chapter Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages including updating content, gathering and uploading photographs. Engage members to use chapter social media outlets. Funnel information to and from chapter website.


Assist the Director of Communications in communication efforts to the chapter. Interview members and write up a brief spotlight, facilitating publication of the membership spotlight with the Director of Communications and Social Media Chair.


The Mentorship Chair will work with the President in the development and implementation of a mentorship program as a benefit to our members. This position reports to the President-Elect.


This role is for chapter members with seniority. Board of Directors Advisors serve(s) as a resource for the executive committee as well as for all positions and committees.

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