CPSM Scholarship

The SMPS Tampa Bay Chapter would like to help our members continue to grow in their careers by offering a $520 CPSM Application and Exam Fee Scholarship for current SMPS Tampa Bay members. 

To be eligible for the scholarship program, a professional must:

1. Be a current SMPS Tampa Bay Member.

2. Submit a copy of the authorization from Kevin Doyle (SMPS Headquarters) or PTC that the applicant is approved to sit for the exam.
3. Submit a letter stating:
  • How the professional meets the educational requirements to sit for the exam or submit a copy of the CPSM Application form submitted to SMPS Headquarters.
  • An explanation of why the applicant is pursuing the CPSM at this time and what they hope to achieve from it.
  • A commitment to participate on the board for one year of service after completing the test.

4. The applicant must submit proof of completing an in-person or online CPSM training class.  

The applicant will submit all pertinent information to the Tampa Bay CPSM Chair. The CPSM Chair will present the applications to the board for approval. Once the applicant receives approval from the board, the applicant will contact the SMPS Tampa Bay Treasurer to set an exam date with PTC and pay the fees for the exam.

Each year, a maximum of three applicants may receive the scholarship. If an applicant has already received a scholarship, preference will be given to other applicants who have not yet received the scholarship before the applicant receives his or her second scholarship.

For more information, please reach out to the CPSM Chair, Natalie Rodriguez at 813.394.3964. 

Benefits of becoming a CPSM

The SMPS certification program enhances the professional standing of A/E/C marketers and business developers with their employers, their peers, and the public. It increases confidence and knowledge in strategic marketing and business development practices, leading to professional success for the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) and their company. Being a CPSM means that you have met a rigorous standard of experience and expertise in marketing professional services. For some, that equates to career advancement or increased compensation and benefits. For everyone, this personal investment enhances your opportunity for professional success.